Sunday, April 26, 2009

Music Video of the Week: Norm Norman "You're a Zombie"

One of the things I loathe is when people try to write off a decade’s music with a handful of songs. Now there is dreck in every decade, but where there is shit, there is bound to be gold and the 1980’s were no different. I actually had an ex-friend once say to me, in a snotty tone no less, “You only listen to 80’s music.” You could practically hear the sneer over the phone and to her, what was 80’s music? Mostly stuff I didn’t listen to! (i.e. 80% of the stuff on any “Big Hits of the ‘80’s! Time Life compilation.) Not to mention I love music from all decades, whether it’s 1920’s jazz, 1960’s surf music, or 70’s glam. Hell I love klezmer music for crying out loud!

My point is that you should never write off any time period, because there is bound to be a lot of hidden gems. One of my personal favorites is “You’re a Zombie” by Norm Norman. While his discography is literally just an EP from 1983, what an EP! Norman was a West Coat artist whose music was quirky and catchy. We’re talking power pop with an attitude. It’s a real shame that there is not more material because what little he did do was great. It was certainly better than half of the crap that was playing on MTV at the time. (Kids, don’t be nostalgic for MTV. Sure it was better then than now, but realistically, it still wasn’t that great. How many times did you get to see bands like Swans, the Bolshoi, or Motorhead on there versus Bon Jovi, Firehouse, or Rick Astley? Exactly.)

Unfortunately, I could not find a whole lot of information about him, but I do know this. “You’re a Zombie” is a great song that should have been a huge hit and the video? Is awesome and features famed actor Billy Barty as the insolent butler. Also keep your eyes peeled out for Safari Man and his silly dance of the constipation blues!