Saturday, August 18, 2012

Soothing the Savage Snake Plant: Updates a Go-Go

The last time I was here, the weather was only halfway inhospitable and I had yet to be fully aware of the genius that is Mort Garson. After a long spell of three-digit weather and The Wozard of Iz, I am back with a small slew of updates and previews.

For you fans of all things "Dark Shadows" and Stanley Kubrick's THE KILLING, please check out the newest Video Watchdog. Issue 169 features a fantastic roundtable revolving around the groundbreaking Gothic soap opera, "Dark Shadows." The discussion includes such highly respected writers as Tim Lucas, Maitland McDonaugh, Richard Harland Smith, Kim Newman, as well as filmmaker Robert Tinnell and Dark Shadows historian, Darren Gross. Oh yes and I was lucky enough to be included to.

In addition that genre finery, you can also check out my review of one of my favorite films of all time, Stanley Kubrick's 1950's noir, THE KILLING. A film so great that it not only features such amazing actors as Marie Windsor and Elisha Cook Jr, but also the two titans of my film loving heart, Sterling Hayden and the man himself, Timothy Carey.

Of course, I have also been contributing to the finest fringe pop culture website, Dangerous Minds. If you love such wildly diverse figures as Chesty Morgan, John Dunsworth and Rowland S. Howard, then grab a fancy drink and read up!

There will be more article goodness coming up for the great VHS loving zine Lunchmeat and of course, this very site as well. In fact, there will be something coming very soon that is wholly unique, so stay tuned kitty-cats.